[Review] Otterbox Pursuit for Galaxy S9 – The Pursuit for Ultimate Protection is Over

[Review] Otterbox Pursuit for Galaxy S9 – The Pursuit for Ultimate Protection is Over

Your smartphone is probably one of the most valuable items you have on person. As such, wouldn’t you want to make sure that your phone is given the utmost protection in the event of a catastrophic event like a fall should befall on your device? It is a good thing that case making experts like Otterbox have honed their skills in making tough phone cases for years.

This year’s Samsung Galaxy S9 is one of the most striking flagship devices to grace the market. However, the curved screen on its sides make it an easy target for falls and it should be treated with great care. Now, an Otterbox casing more or less guarantees quality protection for your device but with great protection it gets a little bulky.

Imagine our relief when we came across the Otterbox Pursuit for the Galaxy S9. Much like the Symmetry line of cases, the Pursuit offers great drop protection minus the bulk.

Using the Galaxy S9 in the Otterbox Pursuit case

Taking the Pursuit out for the box for the first time, we were mildly perplexed at first as to how to place the phone within the case. This is because unlike conventional cases that have an opening that you slip the phone right into, the Pursuit is made up of a backshell and a front frame piece that snaps in to offer all-round protection.

The two pieces fit together very tightly, so much so that it almost feels like a single piece. Admittedly, there is a bit of effort needed to open up the Pursuit to install the phone.You need to feel around the side to peel the rubber bit that holds the front frame in place. Once you work your way around the sides and peel it off installing the phone is a breeze.

Once inside, the Galaxy S9 fits like a glove and it feels absolutely secure without any fear of it dropping out.

The bottom part of the case is most intriguing as it completely seals the bottom of the phone. This of course blocks the lower speaker that makes up the stereo setup of the Galaxy S9. Otterbox has a clever workaround to this problem as it has a specially designed canal that redirects the sound to fire towards the front.

This essentially gives the Galaxy S9 dual front firing speakers, making watching videos and listening music even better.

The seals on the bottom also close off the USB Type-C port and 3.5mm headphone jack. It seems a little unnecessary considering that the Galaxy S9 is IP68 rated for water and dust resistance, so a little water won’t hurt it.

But that aside, the seals on the bottom are very easy to pop up. It never felt that they were bothersome at all or that they were at risk of breaking.

Feeling the case with the phone in hand, the Pursuit felt like a natural fit on the Galaxy S9. The rubberised grip around the edge gives you a firm hold over the phone so it doesn’t give you the slip.

The side buttons, covered completely by the case, remain tactile and as responsive as before. They were certainly easier to press compared to a Symmetry series case, which typically have stiffer buttons that require more pressure to activate.

Apart from that, the recessed area on the back that opens up to the camera and fingerprint reader serves well to guide your index finger to the reader. It was almost certain that every time we attempted to unlock the phone, our finger would find our mark on the fingerprint reader.

Otterbox Pursuit for Galaxy S9 Price and Conclusion

So, does the Pursuit warrant a look at if you are in search of a sturdy case for your Galaxy S9? It most certainly does. This is one sharp looking phone case that, while still chunky, is nevertheless slim by Otterbox standards and still maintains its tough as nails protective qualities.

The biggest benefit the Pursuit brings, besides all around protection, is the nifty canal on the bottom of the phone that directs sound from the bottom speaker to fire forward. This greatly enhances the audio listening experience of the phone especially if you are viewing videos on the go or gaming.

In Malaysia, the Otterbox Pursuit case can be acquired for RM319 at their official store on Lazada or via their official distributor KWS Distribution.


What we liked Downward firing speakers redirected to front, all around protection while shaving off bulk, easy to access charging ports
What we didn’t Difficult to remove
We say The Otterbox Pursuit is a new breed of slim yet highly protective cases from the case maker that serve as a great middle ground in its line-up to protect the Galaxy S9 from the drops, dings and dents of life.
*Review unit courtesy of Otterbox Asia

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