Revamped Maybank2u website makes banking easier

Revamped Maybank2u website makes banking easier

Online banking is becoming the norm today as tech savvy users increasingly turn to paying their bills with the click of a mouse. To wit, Maybank says that online banking transactions have been steadily increasing year on year with 4.27 billion online banking transactions recorded on Maybank alone by 2017 since its inception in 2000. This is slated to increase by 49% to 6.4 billion in 2018. Today, the present Maybank2U website services over 20,000,000 transactions a day.

To feed this massive level of demand, Maybank has revamped their Maybank2u website with a spanking new user interface and tons of new features that make tracking your expenses and paying bills a cinch. Effectively, it makes banking, once a royal pain in the posterior that requires a significant level of mental gymnastics, into an absolute doddle.

“In 2017, some 99.6% of our consumer banking payments and transfers was conducted over our online and self-service platforms,” said Maybank Group head, Community Financial Services, Datuk Lim Hong Tat, “The trend will continue given the quantum leap in online banking users and the added functionalities that have simplified banking even more in the new Maybank2u website.”

What’s new on Maybank2u?

The new and revamped Maybank2u website has been redesigned based on three basic tenets:  optimisation, personalisation and simplification.

Rather than a wall of obtuse menus, the new Maybank2u website combines everything and does the number crunching in the background to offer a bird’s eye view of your finances including your loans, assets and anything else outstanding.

The new website also lets you track your expenditures, add reminders and set monthly limits to control spending as well as set saving goals too to save up for a rainy day.

Another unique aspect of the website is that you’re able to customise it with a personal mugshot as well as change the background to make it slightly more homely. The biggest upgrade is that the site is now responsive and parses beautifully on mobile devices which makes using it on a phone or tablet a cinch. Other features include super easy remittance options that clearly delineate exchange rates, charges and the time needed for the transaction to go through.

According to Maybank, the revamped Maybank2u website will be available to the public on 19 April though users can switch to the classic version of the website as needed for a limited time. The new Maybank2u website will also be progressively rolled out to Maybank’s key markets overseas that include Singapore, Indonesia and the Philippines. The existing Maybank mobile app remains as a speedy option for bank transactions on the go. To check out the new site, swing by

Maybank staff showcasing the new Maybank2u website

Maybank personnel showcasing the new Maybank2u website

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