NVIDIA goes big with BFGD screen for gaming at CES 2018

NVIDIA goes big with BFGD screen for gaming at CES 2018

Most seasoned gamers will likely be familiar with the acronym BFG which has its origins in Doom to indicate the biggest, deadliest gun in the game – the eponymous Big Frakking Gun. In NVIDIA’s case, they’ve just showcased just as large though far more impressive – the BFGD.

Instead of a massive particle cannon designed for blowing up demons, NVIDIA’s BFGD is a massive gaming display and its acronym is less indicative of something colourful but which actually stands for Big Format Gaming Display.

Unusual acronym aside, the NVIDIA BFGD is essentially a huge 65-inch gaming display with 4K resolution and a silky smooth 120Hz refresh rate on top of incorporating a bevy of NVIDIA’s latest tech that include NVIDIA G-SYNC HDR support.  The display also has Google Assistance support baked in so you can control it with voice commands which ought to come in handy in the middle of a game. It also has the ability to support playback at native framerates including 24, 25 and 23.976fps to match a source video’s actual frame rate.


To ensure superb image quality, the massive BFGD panel features the works including a full-array direct backlight that offers up 1,000-nit peak luminance in addition to the enviable ability to offer the DCI-P3 colour gamut so that colour reproduced on the BFGD look  the way they are supposed to be onscreen which ought to make it a treat for watching movies.

The BFGD also comes with NVIDIA’s SHIELD streaming tech and is bundled with a SHIELD remote and game controller so you can both game and surf other content including the usual array of video streaming apps like YouTube, Netflix and the like. There’s no word on pricing or local availability as yet but variations of it will be manufactured by Acer, Asus and HP with the first BFGDs slated to hit the States this summer.  For more details swing by their official site here.

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