The Nokia 8 has three special features that make it awesome

The Nokia 8 has three special features that make it awesome

The Nokia 8 is the marque’s most advanced phone yet and it has just been launched in Malaysia. The phone comes with a 5.3-inch QHD display, a swift Snapdragon 835 processor, 4GB RAM, 64GB of expandable storage, a dual-rear 13-MP camera array with Zeiss lenses and optical image stabilisation, a front 13-MP selfie camera  along with a 3090 mAh battery with fast charging support. All this is crammed into a machined aluminium casing with an IP54 rating, rendering it effectively splashproof. These are pretty competitive specifications for a flagship Android phone.

Where it aims to top the competition is the inclusion of the ability to take ‘bothies’, a new term coined by Nokia for simultaneous video and stills from both the rear and the front of the camera which can be shared live on Facebook and YouTube. The results are shown onscreen in what Nokia has dubbed as ‘Dual Sight’ where the screen is split into two with both halves showing the feed from the front and rear camera.

It’s not a new fangled feature; it’s been attempted before by Samsung and Huawei on earlier devices wordpress though it hasn’t been featured as a device’s raison d’etre unlike the Nokia 8. Initial field tests with the phone show great audio quality with captured video which is where their second unique feature of the Nokia 8 comes into play.

The Nokia 8 aims to prioritise sound with the inclusion of their OZO Audio tech that integrates three mikes throughout its chassis along with Nokia’s acoustic mojo to capture 360-degree spatial audio playback. This ought to give recorded videos a bigger, more vivid soundstage too.

The third interesting feature that the Nokia 8 offers over the competition is that it’s essentially a clean install of Android Nougat with nary an ounce of bloatware besmirching it which ought to make it a nippy device indeed combined with its Snapdragon 835 processor. The Nokia 8 will come in all four colours – Polished Blue, Polished Copper, Tempered Blue and Steel for RM2,299 in Malaysia at dealers nationwide.

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