The new ONEMUSIC app is your new one-stop shop for entertainment news

The new ONEMUSIC app is your new one-stop shop for entertainment news

Prolific consumers of lifestyle and entertainment news can now get all their goss in one place as XOX Media have launched their new ONEMUSIC app that acts as a one-stop shop for personalised entertainment related content.

The ONEMUSIC app is a subscription based app for smartphones that offers subscribers exclusive videos, podcasts, radios, music and podcast content from both local and international sources for lifestyle, fashion, sports and other entertainment related topics. The app also has an AI algorithm in the background that dynamically curates and presents content of personal interest.

The ONEMUSIC app is free to download on the Google Play store and the Apple app store and comes in three different tiers – Basic, Plus and Premium. The basic version of the app is free for all users including non-subscribers of XOX. It offers access to one playlist, limited skips for music tracks and offers access to ONEMUSIC’s social channels, radios and podcasts.

The Plus version, which comes free with XOX’s FAT5 season pass data plan is somewhat similar but ups the ante with access to seven different music wordpress playlists. XOX’s FAT5 data plan costs RM30 per month and offers 5GB of data and 333 minutes of calls.

The Premium package, which comes free with their FAT10 season pass data plan offers unfettered access to the whole ONEMUSIC app with access to a whopping 26 playlists and the ability to download songs, play music offline and create your own playlists at will with the option to skip songs at any time.

Of particular note on the ONEMUSIC app is a novel TuneMoji function that allows you to comment and share music related content with your mates on social media including a unique library of animated GIFs based on snippets of your favourite artiste’s music videos. The TuneMoji app also lets you send these music related GIFs to non-XOX subscribers as well.

In conjunction with the launch of the app, XOX Media is also hosting a competition that will see the winner enjoying an all-expenses paid trip for two to catch cantopop superstar Jacky Cheung in three different cities. For more details check out XOX’s Facebook page here.



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