New e-retailer helps you shop for the lowest prices around online

New e-retailer helps you shop for the lowest prices around online

If you’re looking for a deal when you’re buying online, you’ll likely have to compare prices and a ton of other factors across multiple websites. Newcomer iPrice.My aims to take the workload off you, allowing you to find and search for a specific product or a specific variant thereof and get the best prices around culled from all the e-retailers serving the region like Lazada, Harvey Norman, Shoppy and more while also offering peace of mind.


To ensure that merchants are on the straight and narrow, iPrice also has a thorough merchant accreditation process to ensure that whoever is listed is selling legit merchandise and according to iPrice CEO David Chmelar, Cofounder and CEO of iPrice Group, he emphasised that standards are strictly enforced in iPrice and errant merchants are taken immediately off the website. To wit, iPrice aims to address the top three concerns of consumers – authenticity of merchants and their merchandise, ensure a safe and secure shopping experience and highlight and show hidden costs in a transparent manner.


David Chmelar, CEO and Co-founder sharing some facts about Iprice and buyer dynamics in Malaysia.

Iprice also makes it transparent by factoring in a host of other potential costs like shipping costs, delivery time and the like, all delineated clearly so you can see if the deal is right for you. The website also helps to identify what payment methods that a merchant can accept be it cash on delivery, credit card, Paypal and the like. To find out more swing by


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