Munio’s ServerSure package bundles cybersecurity protection and assurance in one package

Munio’s ServerSure package bundles cybersecurity protection and assurance in one package

Operating from the premise that digital assets are as important as physical assets, digital security provider Munio has introduced a unique cybersecurity technology and assurance package that offers protection and peace of mind in equal measure dubbed ServerSure. Designed for SMEs and enterprise outfits in Malaysia, ServerSure offers comprehensive cybersecurity protection on the front-end by offering advanced credential management, back-door server protection to protect against database threats and,comprehensive financial protection to ensure financial losses are minimised during a breach.

To ensure best-in-class protection for ServerSure, Munio has teamed up with some of the industry’s most renowned names in cybersecurity such as SecureKi, Symantec and FireEye to ensure the digital assets of clients are comprehensively protected. Chubb, one of the world’s largest insurers will underwrite clients protected by the programme. Glocomp Systems, one of Malaysia’s most influential distributors of information technology infrastructure products and services with over two decades of experience in the industry will act as the distributor of the programme.

ServerSure works on the majority of server platforms including many that are near the end of their service life and the solution goes through a centralised gateway to ensure secure access with the ability to dispense granulated permissions for highly secure access along with multi-factor authentication, logging and automated provisioning of multiple security services for virtual environments. Depending on client needs, users can opt for either a Standard or Advance package.

The standard package covers a year’s subscription, protects 10 servers, lacks vulnerability assessment and costs RM38,000 exclusive of GST with annual renewals at RM22,800 per annum with insurance up to RM500,000. The higher end Advance package protects 15 servers, has a vulnerability assessment report programme built in, protects up to RM1,000,000 in coverage and costs RM58,000 exclusive of GST with renewals costing RM34,800. For more details swing by or

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