The luscious Sonos Beam soundbar is coming to Malaysia

The luscious Sonos Beam soundbar is coming to Malaysia

Sonos is best known for their array of wireless soundbars and speakers that have been classing up living rooms for close to a decade. Their main calling card is that they’re able to effortlessly sync with other Sonos speakers wirelessly to form larger, bigger, awesomer audio setups though they’re also invariably on the pricey end of things with their recent offerings like the PlayBase racking in at close to RM4,300. Fortunately, they’re addressing that with their latest soundbar, dubbed the Sonos Beam that has just launched in Singapore that retails for a good deal less.


Like their earlier PlayBar soundbar that debuted a few years back, the Sonos Beam is a rectangular, squarish looking affair that can perch just below your TV or mounted on a wall. It comes in either black or white and is about 25.6-inches long while cramming in five class-D digital amplifiers, four wordpress full-range woofers to cover the mid-range and bass, a tweeter and a trio of passive radiators too for comprehensive, luscious audio quality across the spectrum.

Again, much like Sonos’ other offerings, the Beam is designed to wirelessly connect with other Sonos speakers to form a more robust home theatre setup with your choice of Wi-Fi or an Ethernet port. Where it aims to top the competition is that it also acts as a smart speaker with Alexa though official support in Malaysia isn’t slated anytime soon even so it’s still an immensely capable speaker in its own right.

The Sonos Beam will be arriving sometime in August in Malaysia at a retail price of RM2,399 at Harvey Norman stores nationwide. For more details swing by

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