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JVC’s new AE series wireless earbuds for runners launched in Malaysia

JVC’s new AE series wireless earbuds for runners launched in Malaysia

Active runners who rely on a pair of earbuds to get into the groove on their runs are usually beset with a number of hassles. Keeping their earbuds stuck to their mugs on a jog without constant readjustment is just one such challenge and offering decent audio quality is another though JVC’s new ‘AE series’ Bluetooth headphones aim to be up to the challenge.

Also known as the HA-ET50BT, these wireless headsets are water resistant to the tune of an IPX5 rating meaning it can shrug off sweat and the occasional deluge of rain and are somewhat customisable with the option to mount it with either a regular style of earbud or with an open-type earpiece so you can hear nasties like incoming traffic, angry pooches, muggers and the like while being serenaded to the likes of Aerosmith and Adele.

To ensure the headphones fit comfortably even with strenuous movements, they sport what JVC calls ‘Pivot Motion Fit’ which is essentially a soft rotating rubber hook that latches just above your ear canal to offer a secure fit at all times. On top of offering about nine hours of music on the run, the HA-ET50BT headphones can also help you make and take calls via a built-in mike too which is par for the course. Befitting many headphones in the market, it also comes with a complimentary and complementary ‘JVC Run & Music’ app that creates a music playlist based that syncs to a runner’s place. The JVC HA-ET50BT headphones come in blue, green and black from Klingen & Erlesen Sdn Bhd in Malaysia for RM499. If you’re keen, give them a call at +60356315055.


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