Huawei phone bites a bullet to save man’s life

Huawei phone bites a bullet to save man’s life

While smartphones are usually lifesavers in the metaphorical sense of the word, one of Huawei’s phones did exactly that to save a man’s life. The incident took place recently in August in South Africa where one Siraaj Abrahams was mugged and was shot at close range by what seems to be a 9mm round from a handgun. At the time, he was using a Huawei P8 Lite phone and the apparent sturdiness of the device along with the fact that it was directly in the path of the incoming round when it was in his chest pocket ensured that he lived to tell the tale.

The phone was trashed, of course, but the round was stopped midway through the backplate. Quite a testament to their build quality seeing as the P8 Lite relies mostly on a polycarbonate body rather than aluminium. Phones of more recent vintage like the P9 and P9 Plus and Mate 8 all now come with a unibody machined aluminium casing that should, if the P8 Lite was any indication, be significantly more sturdier on account of their build quality.

Previously, one Milward Brown was hit by a stray  round when he was toting a Huawei MediaPad tablet in his backpack some time in 2013 in Kenya. The slate itself absorbed the majority of the impact of the bullet, leaving him unscathed.


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