Huawei mystery phone camera samples reveal super zoom capabilities. Is something this powerful worth the wait?

Huawei mystery phone camera samples reveal super zoom capabilities. Is something this powerful worth the wait?

Ahead of an official smartphone launch, there’s always the inevitable plethora of leaks, unofficial renders and whatnot but this recent reveal by a source within Huawei looks rather convincing as it occurs closer to home.

The revealed shots consist of a set of four images taken from normal seating of 90’s boy band Blue on the Malaysia leg of their concert appearing in crisp detail. All well and good but the question is, just what exactly is this Huawei mystery phone?

Mystery Huawei phone
From initial analysis, the concert shots look relatively authentic after corroborating with other images taken by other attendees at the venue where they performed, the Dewan Wawasan Convention and Exhibition Centre. with each image of one of the members of the 90’s boy band, with each shot consisting of a standard shot, a zoomed up shot and a super zoomed up shot that’s sufficiently close enough you to identify each boyband member compiled together for a total of 12 shots montaged into 4 images.

Based on the angle of the images, it’s all taken from the same position, the same user (seeing as they’re all from relatively the same height) and in all likelihood the same smartphone seeing the consistent image quality and colour rendition on each image.

Mystery Huawei phone 2

While the shots are detailed and vibrant in normal mode even with the challenging light conditions in the concert hall, what impresses are the zoomed in shots that look crisp enough to be taken from the front row. Assuming the photographer doesn’t move from his original position, the zoomed in shots look as if they were taken from a good thirty paces away which is quite a feat for any phone.

If these shots are the real deal, they may just offer concert goers the ability to take shots almost akin to those at the front row seat shots even from quite a distance away. Unfortunately, Huawei is keeping mum on just what phone took these shots and the EXIF data for these shots have been purged.

Mystery Huawei phone 3

Still, if we’re on the money, we may just be potentially gazing at field tests of the Huawei P30 series cameras in action ahead of its official appearance, under challenging light conditions no less. Dimly lit concert halls with strobing lights and jostling people don’t usually make for good photos but if these are indeed snapped on the P30 or mayhaps it’s rumoured upgunned sibling the P30 Pro we are looking at a very impressive camera setup indeed with the grapevine stating that the latter may potentially have a quad camera array.

These enhancements in the upcoming P30 series and the rumoured, but likely to appear, P30 Pro are likely refinements of the technology seen on their recently released Mate 20 Pro which sports a triple camera setup that consists of a humongous 40-MP F/1,8 camera, a 20-MP camera with a LEICA issued Ultra-Wide angle lens and a tertiary 8-MP telephoto lens (3x optical zoom) combined with the Neural Processing Unit (NPU) off the phone’s Kirin 980 octacore processor to capture some seriously good snaps. To wit, the Mate 20 Pro scored a very respectable 109 points which puts it in the upper echelons of smartphone camera royalty.

Huawei Backup for P30 free bundle

Of course, all this is conjecture ahead of the official reveal of the P30 series this coming 26 March 2019 in Paris, France but Huawei Malaysia did indeed reveal one particularly interesting nugget of information in regards to the local launch of the P30 series.

Since the debut of P20 onwards, Huawei Malaysia has made a series of mind bogglingly good free bundles, especially for those who buy it on launch day with a host of freebies and other kit thrown in for good measure. For the upcoming launch of the P30 series phones, Huawei Malaysia has confirmed that they’ll be bundling in the Huawei Backup drive as part of the free bundle for buyers on launch day.

Essentially, the Huawei Backup is a large hockey puck shaped device that charges your phone via a USB Type C cable and which contains a 1TB storage backup drive that seamlessly backs up all your essential stuff – pics, movies, documents and the like – all onto the hard drive off any Huawei phone running EMUI 9.0 which includes the most recent phones from Huawei like the P20 and P20 Pro, Mate 20 Pro and Mate 20 and, of course, the upcoming P30 series phones. There’s no local price or availability yet but it is available in China at a price tag of RMB 699 which translates to about RM426 in local currency which is quite a substantial chunk of cash indeed.

That’s a very tempting proposition indeed as it doesn’t even factor in the other potential freebies they will likely toss in to sweeten the pot. In any case, we won’t have long to wait now. For more details stay tuned to their official Facebook page at official Facebook page at

Mystery Huawei phone 4

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