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HP unveils their A3 Multifunction printers with beefed up security features

HP unveils their A3 Multifunction printers with beefed up security features

HP Malaysia took the wraps of their next generation enterprise-class A3 Multifunction Printers (MFPs) for Malaysia that have enhanced security features against cyberattacks along with significant cost savings.

HP A3 MFP lineup

The new range of A3 MFPs, which consist of 13 Laserjet and 3 Pagewide platforms along with a variety of configurations and subvariants, differ in terms of prints-per-minute (ppm) ranging from 35ppm to 80ppm and also come embedded with a host of robust security features.
HP A3 MFP lineup portfolio
For the uninitiated, Laserjet and Pagewide tech are designations for two different printing technologies that cater for different printing requirements. What HP’s A3 MFPs offer in general across both technologies in their line-up is easier serviceability, reduced service costs and longer service uptime.

HP A3 MFP lineup poster

On top of enhanced cost savings, the main benefit with HP’s new A3 MFPs is that they have been hardened against cyberattacks. Most large-scale MFPs are essentially computers with a display, BIOS, RAM, a processor and the like running under the hood which only makes them all the more vulnerable to hacking. To ensure the A3 MFPs are operationally secure, HP has a three-pronged approach that protects the memory, firmware and BIOS against tampering or hacking.

Common printer vulnerability point image

The firmware on the A3 MFPs come with a whitelist that prevents tampering of the user interface, have run time intrusion detection and have their SureStart tech that keeps a pristine, separate copy of the BIOS safe if it detects any unauthorised changes.

The new A3 MFPs are all available via quotations through HP’s qualified channel partners or straight from HP Malaysia. For more details on the new A3 MFPs swing by

Ms. Yap Phei Leen, Market Development Manager, Office Printing Solutions of HP showcasing the new A3 MFPs

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