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Honor 6X: The ultra affordable midrange beast of a phone

Honor 6X: The ultra affordable midrange beast of a phone

In a way, buying smartphones can be likened to buying a car. There’s super high end devices that may be speed demons on the proverbial track and look like a gorgeous sculpture that has just waltzed out of an art gallery but they also come with an eye-watering price to match. Both phones and cars alike also have more practical affairs that blend sound specifications at a price tag that wouldn’t have you selling an arm, a leg and a kidney to own it. Fortunately, the Honor 6X falls into the latter category.

The Honor 6x is hewn from metal with an aluminium chassis and sports a huge 5.5-inch 1080P display and a solid Kirin 655 octacore processor that allows it to tackle almost anything you can throw at it. That’s not all as it notably sports a dual rear camera array akin to vastly pricier flagship phones out there. Consisting of a rear 12-MP sensor along with a 2-MP camera, the Honor 6X has the capability to snag deliciously gorgeous depth of field shots much like a high end professional camera with the click of a button.

Along with the impressive camera, the Honor 6X also throws in a fingerprint reader and a massive 3,340mAh battery that offers exceptional endurance that allows for hours of movie watching, gaming or web browsing. The best part though is its remarkably reasonable price tag. The Honor 6X comes with 4GB RAM and a generous 64GB of storage for RM1,399. Even better, Honor is offering a special trade-in programme where all you have to do is to hand in your old phone at and you get an RM250 rebate off the price of the Honor 6X! That means you get it for a bargain RM1,149! A decent price tag isn’t the only reason why the Honor 6X offers serious bang for the buck. Here’s why it’s an amazing bargain as midrange phones go…

Powerful dual rear camera for awesome depth of field imagery
Some of the latest flagship phones tout all manner of tech under the hood to render better shots with some of the more exciting ones packing not just one but two cameras to offer gorgeously defocused shots so that a subject in the foreground looks sharp while the background is blurred out much like what you’d see from professional cameras. They also usually happen to cost a bomb.

In the case of the Honor 6X, it manages to offer a similar high performing dual camera array with a vastly more agreeable price tag, making it one of the few budget phones to do so. The Honor 6X comes with a 12-MP sensor with a large 1.25 µm pixel size, Phase Detection Autofocus along with a top-shelf SONY IMX386 sensor. This is then paired with an additional 2-MP sensor that captures depth information when taking shots.

Both cameras combined are able to offer an exquisite Wide Aperture mode that blurs out the background beautifully for great looking shots. You’re even able to dial the ‘depth of field’ effect as needed from F/0.95 all the way to F/16. The Honor 6X also sports a bevy of filters and even has a comprehensive manual mode that lets more skilled users tweak all manner of settings to get exactly the right shot. That’s a pretty tempting proposition for something that clocks in at under RM1,300.

Powerful specifications at affordable prices
While a good many budget phones tend to skimp out on decent specifications or just rely on a particular feature like a one-trick pony, the Honor 6X is a surprisingly solid all-rounder that comes with respectable hardware to tackle almost anything you throw at it. For your money, the Honor 6X comes with a huge 5.5-inch Full HD display that’s almost phablet sized. More screen real estate means that you can enjoy videos or movies better. With a large 5.5-inch display, web browsing is a delight on the Honor 6X. Better yet, the large screen and special blue light mode make it a joy to read e-books too so that you needn’t have to pinch zoom back and forth to enjoy the latest yarn.

Humming under the hood of the Honor 6X is an efficient HiSilicon Kirin 655 octacore 2.1GHz processor paired with up to 4GB RAM and 64GB of expandable storage with the Honor 6X able to accept up to 128GB microSD cards. The Kirin 655 processor is a novel affair, crafted by Huawei’s own HiSilicon chip factories and has the chops to handle everything from graphically demanding games like top-shelf racer Asphalt 8: Airborne to multiplayer games like Blizzard’s Hearthstone without faltering all the way to smoothly streaming the latest movies and dramas off iFlix and Netflix.

Getting about on the Honor 6X is a pleasant affair as well with Huawei’s own EMUI 5.0 user interface overlaying Android Marshmallow. EMUI 5.0 is smooth and swift with exceptional customisability along with a split screen feature that lets you use two apps at the same time onscreen.

All Day Battery Life
A smartphone may have awesome performance but there isn’t much point if it has insufficient battery life to last through the day. In the case of the Honor 6X they’ve managed to cram in a huge 3,340mAh battery into a machined metal casing that’s a modest 8.2mm thin, making it very pocketable.

When fully charged, the Honor 6X is able to offer exceptional endurance with the ability to serve up to 70 hours of music playback or about 11 hours of video which is more than enough to finish the Lord of the Rings Trilogy with a bit of extra time to spare to post about your achievement on social media.

Under more practical circumstances like phone calls, social media use and the usual round of light gaming, videos and maybe music listening, the Honor 6X has more than enough juice to last through a day with plenty to spare so that you needn’t have to nurse your phone so that you have enough to make it home sans a power bank. If needs must, the Honor 6X also offers 5V/2A fast charging so you’re able to top up the battery in a jiffy. 

If you’re keen, Honor Malaysia is offering a trade-in programme from now until 30 July 2017 where you can trade in your old phone at selected dealers nationwide and get RM250 off the price of the 4GB/64GB version of the Honor 6X! For a list of participating dealers swing by here.


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