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Entertainment maestro Jinnyboy shows how he gets down to business with the Galaxy Note8

Entertainment maestro Jinnyboy shows how he gets down to business with the Galaxy Note8

Samsung’s Galaxy Note8 is one of the most powerful productivity devices that the Korean giant has ever made and received rave reviews from tech pundits across the globe. We’ve put it to the test as well and saw just what it was capable of. The potent combination of a beefy Exynos 8895 processor with 6GB RAM, a dual rear camera with each snapper packing optical image stabilisation as well its massive 6.3-inch Super AMOLED display paired with their S Pen stylus make it an extremely capable device for digital nomads who don’t want to be bound to a desk.


Jin Lim aka Jinnyboy sharing more of his experiences with the Samsung Galaxy Note8

Top Malaysian YouTuber and entertainer Jin Lim aka Jinnyboy sat down for an interview where he shared more about how he incorporated the Galaxy Note8 into his busy mobile lifestyle. Constantly on the move producing and developing videos, Jinnyboy relies on his Galaxy Note8 to connect to users and get work done.Jin said, “Prior to this, I brought a notebook around wherever I went for work though it was unwieldy and heavy. With the Galaxy Note8 though, I have everything I need to run my YouTube channel in the palm of my hand”.

According to Jinnyboy, the biggest draw to the Samsung Galaxy Note8 is it’s huge 6.3-inch Super AMOLED Infinity display touchscreen that is both HDR-ready and has an impressive 1,440 x 2,960 pixels resolution with a crisp 521ppi. This makes watching and viewing content on it a blast and the wide 18.5:9 aspect ratio makes it great to both watch videos and read content as well. “I am heavily reliant on the Galaxy Note8 to connect with my viewers. I use the phone a lot. Every time we produce a video i spend at least two hours reading the comments and the length of the screen makes scrolling through content easier”.

Jinnyboy sharing more about the S Pen stylus on the Galaxy Note8

Jinnyboy sharing more about the S Pen stylus on the Galaxy Note8

Of particular value to Jinnyboy is the Note 8’s S Pen stylus which allows him to rapidly pen down his ideas as they occur and also sort out his paperwork. The S Pen is pressure sensitive, allowing users to enjoy a vivid writing experience akin to a real stylus. “I enjoy responding to my fans by replying their messages  with the S Pen which adds a personalised touch to the experience”. He added, “I also find the S Pen extremely useful to rapidly communicate ideas and send detailed notes to my colleagues in the fast paced environment that I operate in.” The Galaxy Note8 also has a nifty Screen-Off memo mode that allows for users to jot down quick notes on the screen without having to turn the phone on.

The rear camera is an invaluable addition to the Galaxy Note8 as Jinnyboy uses it to record his personal experiences to share with family and friends. The Note8 is Samsung’s first dual camera phone and integrates a pair of 12-MP cameras, both of which come with independent optical image stabilisation with one camera coming with an F/1.7 aperture and the other with a wide angle lens with 2x optical zoom. Combined, the Note8 is able to capture beautiful images with a depth of field effect that Samsung has dubbed a Live Focus mode  that mimics professional high end cameras.

A Samsung product trainer demonstrating the Galaxy Note8's rear camera

A Samsung product trainer demonstrating the Galaxy Note8’s rear camera

The clincher however is the Galaxy Note8’s compatibility with Samsung’s DeX dock, allowing for it to act as a desktop PC of sorts in combination with a keyboard, mouse and monitor. Once docked into the DeX dock, the Galaxy Note8 acts as the brains of the whole setup and pushes a desktop PC environment onto the monitor to effectively allow for a literal ‘PC in a pocket’ to get work done wherever he goes which is the epitome of what the digital nomad experience is all about.
“What digital nomads appreciate the most is the idea of mobility – being able to get things done from anywhere and at any time they see fit. They rely heavily on their smartphones and laptops or tablets for work and connectivity purposes; this boils down to how far a smart device can go to keep up with a digital nomad’s life and the Galaxy Note8 is the ideal addition to that lifestyle,” adds Julian Thean, Head of Product Marketing, IT & Mobile Business, Samsung Malaysia Electronics who also participated in the interview where he shared technical details of the Galaxy Note8’s extensive capabilities . The Galaxy Note8 is available nationwide for RM3,999 at all Samsung Experience stores, retailers and e-tailers nationwide. To see more of Jinnyboy’s work, swing by his official YouTube channel at

Jinnyboy sharing more about the Samsung DeX dock

Jinnyboy sharing more about the Samsung DeX dock

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