You definitely wood want this SEVENFRIDAY Japan P1B/03 timepiece on your wrist

You definitely wood want this SEVENFRIDAY Japan P1B/03 timepiece on your wrist

While the vast majority of timepieces out there are hewn of metal, steel, sapphire and ceramic, the SEVENFRIDAY P1B/03 Japan Off-Series timepiece incorporates a far different material in its construction – wood.

As you’d likely surmise from its exquisitely clean minimalist design, the SEVENFRIDAY Japan P1B/03 Off-Series is inspired by the beautiful craftsmanship in wood and lacquerware of the Pearl of the Orient. Encasing an automatic Miyota 8257 movement is a square bezel hewn of polished white ceramic layered with an animation ring made of the aforementioned cherry wood  hewn specifically from prime cherry wood harvested from Japan.

The P1B/03’s base plate itself consists of a multi-layered pressed rhodium and opalin plate engraved in a block-print wave pattern that shows an hour, minute and second hand as well as a disc with day and night motifs engraved with the corresponding indicators in Japanese. This gives it a beautifully clean feel when contrasted with the polished white ceramic surrounding it.

The caseback is hewn of polished stainless steel emblazoned with an engraved SEVENFRIDAY logo insignia in Japanese. The caseback is more than just for aesthetics; the watch has an NFC chip embedded in the back that works in tandem with the SEVENFRIDAY app that allows you to immediately check the authenticity of the watch online.

To further reinforce the Oriental motif, the white leather strap is emblazoned with the motto “Seize the Day” as well as the word “Japan” written in kanji and also incorporates slick looking wave-motif-engraved metal lugs.

Needless to say, all this craftsmanship means that it takes quite awhile to craft one; there’s only 450 of them ever made and a limited number of them are available in Malaysia. If this floats your boat, one of these babies retails for RM7,238. Swing by their official website for more details here

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