Black Prior’s Riposte seasonal event in For Honor begins

Black Prior’s Riposte seasonal event in For Honor begins

Ubisoft’s uber hack-em-up extravaganza that pits Knights, Vikings and Samurai together in a skill-based free-for-all with a campaign and multiplayer mode thrown in for good measure turns three this year and it is still going strong they’re rolling out yet another seasonal event dubbed the Black Prior’s Riposte that is ongoing till March 28 on all platforms.

The Black Prior’s Riposte event is on only for a limited time but during that window you’re able to get some interesting loot that consists of outfits, weapons, emotes and ornaments galore and replay a 4v4 special game mode called the Battle of Attrition that is a variant of the game’s usual Dominion mode with the difference being that zones that have already been conquered cannot be retaken back which leads to vicious sword fights to control each point. Players can also snag Black Prior’s Riposte bundles for 30,000 Steel per hero. If you already own the Marching Fire expansion you can also take part in weekly quests via the game’s Arcade Mode.

It’s not that often that a game developer outside of an MMORPG consistently supports their game this long and in this level of depth so it makes for a refreshing diversion that we hope to see continue. For more on For Honor and other Ubisoft games swing by

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