BenQ launches W1700 4K HDR projector in Malaysia

BenQ launches W1700 4K HDR projector in Malaysia

The prospect of chunking out for a 4K home theatre system sounds like a daunting prospect that would have you hocking your kidneys but BenQ’s new CineHome W1700 4K HDR home cinema projector makes it a far less intimidating endeavour as it has a fairly reasonable price tag as 4K projectors are concerned (it’s RM7,999) and its shoebox sized housing lets you set up a 4K movie viewing experience anywhere in the house with a decent background.

To keep the form factor small, the BenQ W1700 uses compact 0.47-inch single-DMD DLP tech and all this techno sorcery means that it has the ability to project lusciously vibrant 4K video at up to a mammoth 300-inches screen size from up to 1.76 metres away. If you hook the W1700 up a Chromecast or Amazon Fire Stick to it via its HDMI ports, you can stream a veritable cornucopia of videos for your edification.

To ensure colours are as authentic as the director intended when watching movies, the W1700 sports BenQ’s CinematicColor tech that allows the W1700 to cover 96% of the Rec. 709 colour gamut. The projector also sports 1.2x zoom and auto keystone correction so setting it up for almost any room in your house ought to be a doddle.
BenQ W1700 front

BenQ’s W1700 projector also integrates HDR support, including support for HDR10 which gives it quite a bit of extra longevity down the road as more HDR-enabled content hits stores. It also sports HDCP 2.2 copy protection so you can view the latest 4K content without hassles.

On the audio front, the W1700 also comes with their CinemaMaster Audio+ 2 tech that gives its integrated 5W speaker more detail and rumblier bass too which ought to make movie nights a more entertaining prospect. All this miniaturisation means it weighs quite a fair bit at 4.2kg though it’s still a darned lighter prospect than hauling a huge telly about. On the bright side, you’re getting a workout every time you move it around.

If all this floats your boat, the BenQ W1700 4K HDR home cinema projector will be available sometime in January for a downright reasonable RM7,999 online at Lazada and authorised dealers nationwide.


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