11Street launches new Raya deals, reveals survey results of Malaysian spending habits

11Street launches new Raya deals, reveals survey results of Malaysian spending habits

Spending habits tell a lot about people and online shopping portal 11Street surveyed over 2,000 Malaysians and how they are aiming to spend their money for this coming Raya festival season.

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CEO of 11street, Hoseok Kim sharing insights into Malaysian spending habits at a recent press conference

According to the 11Street survey which they showcased at a press conference recently, 90% of the population surveyed believed that expenditures during the coming holiday season will increase and are looking to stretch their dollar as much as they can.

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The most interesting factoid culled from the survey was that 95% of Malaysians were positive about online shopping and 60% saw the value of involving family members when buying stuff. This is generally indicative that Malaysians are now comfortable with e-commerce and purchasing products online as opposed to resorting to traditional brick-and-mortar outfits.

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Other interesting factoids were:
– On average, Malaysians spend approximately RM900 for Raya per person. The item that Malaysians spend the most on in terms of priority was clothing followed by biscuits and sweetmeats. Groceries, curtains and furniture didn’t rank as high in terms of importance.
– 80% of people in Terengganu save for Raya, the highest ratio out of all the states in Malaysia while KL folks are 43% more likely not to save.
– Men are 5 times more cost conscious than women and are likely to wear clothes out completely before getting a replacement
– People living in Perlis have the highest tendency to buy luxury brands

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11 street also highlighted during the conference a series of new promotions under the aegis of their Manis Ramadan, Meriah Lebaran’ Raya‘ promotion campaign on the site that aim to cater to shopping needs of Malaysians for the coming Raya holidays. Some of the highlights of the campaign include up to 90% discounts on selected products and RM10,000,000 in terms of coupon giveaways for popular brands like Tupperware and Nestle.

For the month of Ramadhan from June 6 to July 5 2016, they’re having a Do Good Deal promotion page where you can buy products at a higher price with proceeds going to the Budimas Charitable Foundation to provide underprivileged children with a daily breakfast.

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Another interesting promo that they have are free e-vouchers that can be redeemed at participating BHP gas stations with every RM100 spent in 11Street’s car and motorcycle category giving you a chance to get one. To find out more, swing by 11Street at www.11street.my

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